Thanksgiving Dinner provided to 4North and staff at CHEO. Thomas, The Hon Pierre Poilievre and Becky Geniole
We cannot thank Laurie Boschman (First Captain of the Senators) and the rest of the Ottawa Senators Alumni for taking a moment to support the Miracle Marnie Foundation. In particular the "Thumbs Up" campaign for increasing funding and awareness to childhood cancer research in Canada at the 150 celebrations and the Winter Classic. 
Big Joe and Fire Pup at CHEO Halloween
Special Ambassador to the Foundation, Canadian Country Music artist Johnny Reid 
Fire Pup and Riley at CHEO Halloween
Candlelighters Hockey Night in Canada with Chris Neil #25
Mircle Marnie Foundation donating pediatric blood pressure pumps to the staff on 4North to help with managing numbers when automated pumps can't
get a reading. Thanks to this Pup for making the delivery for us and bringing some smiles to the floor.
$3000 Donated to support Families in Cancer Treatment through
Special Ambassador to the Foundation, Actor Adam Beach
Marnie with a load of Christmas decorations donated to the Foundation by Giant Tiger for the patience and staff on 4North at CHEO. Thanks Giant Tiger!!
$3000  Donated to support Families in Cancer to The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO)
CAPHC Conference in Montreal with Prime Minister The Hon Paul Martin and Emily Gruenwoldt CEO and President of CAPHC
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