Ottawa Senators Alumni  taking a moment to support the Miracle Marnie the 150 Celebration and the Winter Classic. 
The Father/Daughter Ice Crystal Ball raised close to $20,000 towards Childhood Cancer Research and Family Support
Thanksgiving Dinner provided to 4North and staff at CHEO. Thomas, The Hon Pierre Poilievre and Becky Geniole
Presenting MP Harold Albrecht with the Ac2orn document
Special Ambassador Johnny Reid announces $5,000 in giving to the MMF at Ottawa
Candlelighters Hockey Night in Canada with Chris Neil #25
Mircle Marnie Foundation donating pediatric blood pressure pumps to the staff on 4North to help with managing numbers when automated pumps can't
get a reading. 
$3000 Donated to support Families in Cancer Treatment through
$3000  Donated to support Families in Cancer to The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO)
Taking a moment to speak with MP Deb Schulte about Childhood Cancer in Canada, the Ac2orn document and how we need their help in making a difference in Childhood Cancer Research.
Robertson Rent-All Family donating the proceeds of their bi annual golf tournaemrnt $23,000 to the Miracle Marnie Foundation 
CAPHC Conference in Montreal with Prime Minister The Hon Paul Martin and Emily Gruenwoldt CEO and President of CAPHC
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